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Discover the CRYPPO DAO, grow and earn TOKENS

We strongly believe in a sustainable future for CRYPPO and its pack, and after the sold out of the genesis collection, they will gain their CRYPPO WORLD inhabited by the first 2,375 CRYPPO’s.

The time has come to think about the governance of this world and for this, as per the roadmap, the CRYPPO DAO will be reality.

All the holders will be able to access, stake their CRYPPO’s and thus receive the $NOKU TOKEN, welcoming the new members of the CRYPPO FAMILY in NFTs.

Below you will discover the first DRAFT of the “CRYPPO WHITE PAPER”, which in the coming months – and before the actual launch in 2022 – will be shared with all holders and released in its final version, which includes:


The first 3.777 NFTs of Cryppo that will live in the CRYPPO WORLD
Buy the NFT house for CRYPPO to be able to stake your Cryppo's NFTs and earn $NOKU TOKENS
If you are staking, you are rewarded with CRYPPA, a special NFT edition of female Cryppo
Put CRYPPA in the STAKING HOUSE to get the CRYPPIES NFTs cubs
The CRYPPO family is complete and now the pack is able to enjoy many benefits


The first 2,375 NFTs of our beloved adventurous CRYPPO the hippotamus cryptonomus will animate the CRYPPO WORLD.

The owners of this NFT by putting them in STAKING will receive the $NOKU TOKEN and if you decide to stake them too you will be able to enter the governance DAO and participate in the decisions of the community.


By buying the NFT house for CRYPPO you’ll be able to stake your Cryppo’s NFTs.

If you stake your CRYPPO NFT, you will be able to get Cryppa, the Cryppo’s wife.  Here the guide to do so.

The STAKING HOUSES will be in limited edition: 300 for the small house to farm Cryppa. More info about the bigger house to farm Cryppies coming soon.

CRYPPO family

If you decide to stake your CRYPPO Genesis, you will be rewarded immediately with CRYPPA, a special edition of Cryppo female that will increase the quotas for woman in CRYPPO WORLD.

There is love in the air! For this reason, if you also put CRYPPA in the STAKING HOUSE – in addition to multiplying your $NOKU TOKEN – you will immediately receive the fruit of their love: the CRYPPY’s NFTs Cubs, which at times can also be twins.

cryppo dao

The CRYPPO family is complete and now the pack that lives in its CRYPPO WORLD will be able to enjoy many benefits.

You can decide to leave the CRYPPO FAMILY members in their STAKING HOUSES, and after the gestation period, you’ll be able to freely resell them, but  you will lose your benefits.

While if you want to enter the CRYPPO DAO, you will have to put your $NOKU TOKENS in STAKING to partecipate in the DAO Governance.

The CRYPPO DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, represented by rules encoded as a smart contract that is transparent, controlled by the $NOKU HOLDERS and naturally all tracked on blockchain.

The CRYPPO DAO was born with the first drop of CRYPPO where 10% of the 2,375 NFTs were kept in favor of the pack and future initiatives to which all holders, starting from the first months of 2022, will be able to join.

After the first sale of the CRYPPO Genesis collection in December 2021 by The Cryptonomist, CRYPPO DAO will collect all revenue from the secondary market and sales derived from the STAKING HOUSE, members of the CRYPPO FAMILY and the other NFTs collections of CRYPPO WORLD.

All proceeds from the sales, including the NFTs of the CRYPPO DAO, will build the DAO’s treasury and its governance $NOKU TOKEN for the benefit of the pack’s members.

The purchase of CRYPPO or its $NOKU token are NOT to be considered as recommendations, suggestions, notices, offers or proposals for the purchase of financial services and products.

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