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the Hippopotamus Cryptonomus

Discover the adventures of Cryppo in 2375 NFTS and enter Cryppo World to participate in the DAO

Who is Cryppo

A collection of 3D, AI-generated 2375 Cryppo’s with over 90 unique traits ready for the metaverse.

Cryppo is an adventurous hippopotamus (Hippopotamus cryptonomus) who has survived the significant changes in the crypto since the great eruption of the Nakamoto volcano that gave birth to the great conquests and battles of the ICO era, IEO, and even the market crash, KYC and shitcoin. Today in his NFT Valley, he faces the biggest challenge of the NFTs and the Metaverse!

the cryppo world


A MetaVerse only on The Nemesis, available on laptop and via app, an Island where holders can meet, talk and play.

Discover che Cryppo Challenges and get special prizes!


Cryppo moves from database to database in search of the rarest cryptocurrencies and NFTs to collect and hold.

As a fearless researcher, he discovers the most interesting projects and previews them with his community in “Cryppo World.”

Contribute to the Cryppo world and set up your own wallet for participating in the CRYPPO DAO in the future.


Cryppo moves in packs and needs other hippopotamus cryptonomuses. Therefore, holders will be rewarded and be able to participate in DAO decisions to grow together, thanks to $CRYPPO governance tokens.

An incredible Tokenomics with NFT Staking, new NFTs of the Cryppo Family as a Gift and much more…

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    We’ve said that before, CRYPPO is something more than an NFT collectible, and after the creation of his CRYPPO WORLD in the Metaverse of The Nemesis – as per the roadmap – the time has come to talk about his future as a DAO of the pack.

    Collect CRYPPO and stake them in their STAKING HOUSES to earn $NOKU TOKEN and enter the Governance DAO. Get his partner CRYPPA and CRYPPIES

    Collect your cryppo

    CRYPPO made with ERC-721 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain.
    CRW – Verified custom smart contract.
    CRY – Verified custom smart contract.
    OpenSEA Collection: 

    Here at The Cryptonomist, we are Crypto and Art lovers,  with our partners, Poseidon Group, and others working in the Fintech and Art-Tech sector since 2016.

    Today we have the biggest community in Italy and among the largest in Europe about CryptoArt, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain, with our magazines now exceeding 1.5 million page views per month.


    Quality comes first for Cryppo! Cryppo is an adventurer with significant experience in the crypto world, so he wants to ensure that everything is perfect for the pack, especially in Cryppo World. Cryppo is demanding, and his qualities and complexities are unique and special, and in 3D. For this, we want to work hard with our community on Discord and Twitter to create Cryppo World together.
    25% SOLD
    We will give 10 Cryppos in an airdrop to the first members of the pack
    75% SOLD
    We will have our Metaverse Cryppo World on The Nemesis to get the pack together.
    100% Sold-Out
    Cryppo will become a Dao with our Governance Cryppo-Token for the pack!!
    To The Moon…
    You will be able to buy land in Cryppo World, attain exclusive Cryppo merch & apparel and participate in the creation of the new Cryppo pack for 2022
    June 2022
    Event in Lugano where Cryppo Holder could enter for free and receive merchandising
    August 2022
    Tournament on to win up to 1 Ethereum playing with Cryppo
    September 2022
    Starting period do stake Cryppo and redeem Small Houses for free
    November 2022
    New tournament on to win $NOKU tokens and NFT Magazine copies
    November 2022/ December 2022
    Time to redeem Cryppa NFTs
    December 2022
    The Nemesis tournament to win $NEM tokens and Companions NFTs
    Beginning 2023
    Cryppies are coming!
    Summer 2023
    new event in Lugano

    We regret to inform you that at the present moment our products are not available in Switzerland. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.